6 Mistakes to Avoid when Staying in an RV Park

Posted on May 12, 2017

So, you've purchased a new RV and are ready to get out there and see what all of the fuss is about. As a new motorhome owner, you face a bit of a learning curve – and not just when it comes to properly using your vehicle. If you haven't spent much time in RV parks or campgrounds, you are probably unaware of the spoken and unspoken rules of etiquette that seasoned travelers try to obey. The last thing that you want is to alienate yourself from everyone after setting up your class A motorhome. Avoid doing so by avoiding the following six mistakes.

  1. Encroaching on Other Campers' Sites

People are understandably territorial about their sites. When arriving at the park, make sure that you know exactly which site is yours. Don't just park your gas RV in a random spot until you can figure it out. After finding your site, get the lay of the land to ensure that you position your class C motorhome properly. Make sure to account for slide-outs too, as nothing is worse than having to dodge another camper's slide-out because they failed to position their vehicle properly.

  1. Leaving Your Campfire Unattended

First, make sure that open campfires are even allowed. If they are, great! However, never leave your fire unattended--not even for a minute. There's no telling when a gust of wind might cause it to escape from the pit. Another important campfire rule is to only burn paper and firewood. Do not burn trash, or other campers will have to endure the stench from their motorhomes, and you will be "that guy."

  1. Keeping Your Dog Cooped Up

One of the main reasons that dogs act up in RV parks is because they are kept inside or chained up far too long. When traveling with a dog in a diesel RV, it's crucial to give them plenty of opportunities for exercise. Otherwise, your dog will spend its waking hours barking and otherwise making fellow campers miserable.

  1. Letting Your Site Get Messy

When staying put in your RUV for an extended period of time, it's easy to think of your campsite as your own personal property. It isn't, of course, and that means that you must keep it in nice shape for the benefit of others. Show respect to the park and to others by tidying up your site every day. If you're in a toy hauler or other small vehicle, make sure that your outdoor living space is kept neat and clean too.

  1. Letting Your Kids Run Amok

Camping with children is a lot of fun. However, nothing gets under other campers' skin faster than letting young kids run around unattended at all hours of the day and night. Set firm rules for your children. Make sure that they understand that many other people are there in their RVs and that it's important to respect others.

  1. Being Too Noisy

Sure, you're traveling. You want to have fun. However, don't do so at the expense of others. Avoid blaring music loudly or having loud, raucous gatherings. Be especially mindful of this in the evening and at night, or you will make yourself persona non grata in no time.

Knowing what you do now, go ahead and hit the road in your class A toy hauler or other motorhome. By keeping these rules of etiquette in mind, you're sure to have a terrific time at whatever parks and campgrounds you visit.


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