Best Small Motorhomes with a Bathroom
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Best Small Motorhomes with a Bathroom

Oct 14, 2021

One of the perks of RVing is being able to take some of the comforts of home on the road with you. For some RVers, that can mean traveling with your own personal bathroom.

Depending on the kind of camping you’re doing, that may offer a luxurious alternative to a grimy campground shower or digging a hole in the woods. But when it comes to smaller Class B motorhomes, where square footage comes at a premium, a bathroom isn’t always part of the floorplan.

These days, smart design and modern technology make a residential bathroom experience a viable option even in vans under 20 feet long. So if a bathroom is a “Must-Have” for your next RV, here are a few options for short Class B RVs with bathrooms.

Small Camper Vans Under 20 Feet

Among the shortest of the short is the Rize® 18M. Built on a Ram ProMaster® chassis, Rize is one of the newest members of the Thor Motor Coach family of camper vans. Measuring in at just under 18 feet, the Rize 18M floor plan offers a spacious experience that still fits in a typical parking spot.

With a sizable sofa (which pulls out to a 72”x47” bed) on one side and a kitchenette on the other, the Rize 18M provides ample room to spread out inside the RV. The wet bath is situated at the rear of the van, so it doesn’t intrude on the rest of the living space. Plus, by utilizing the full width of the van, the relatively small bathroom doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

In fact, even though the Rize 18M is one of the shortest camper vans Thor Motor Coach has ever produced, it packs an impressive amount into a small footprint. In addition to the wet bath, the 18M has a power awning and an impressively large refrigerator with a freezer. You really get all the comforts of home and keep the length to a minimum.

Sprinter Vans Under 20 Feet

For those who might be interested in something a little longer, check out the Tranquility® Class B Sprinter Vans. Both the 19P and 19L floor plans are under 20 feet in length and equipped with a wet bath, but let’s take a closer look at the 19P.

This floor plan has a compact wet bath with sleek double doors. The bathroom and kitchen are positioned towards the front of the van making room for a sizable and versatile living area in the rear. The fold-out electric rear sleeping area provides seating for up to 3 people or folds out to a massive 70”x72” bed. That’s big for any camper van.

The 19P packs a fully-functional bathroom and a sleeping area that’s almost as big as a king bed into a van shorter than 20 feet. And it’s built on the 4x4 Mercedes Benz® Sprinter® Chassis, so you get a smooth ride on or off the road.

Conclusion of Small RVs with Bathroom

Although the bathrooms in the Rize Camper Van 18M and Tranquility Sprinter Van 19P are compact, they still have all the bathroom essentials: toilet, sink, detachable shower head, vanity mirrors and some storage. Both are outfitted with Truma® Combi water heating systems, so no cold showers. And both are equipped with cassette toilets. Unlike traditional RV black tanks these are portable and can be emptied almost anywhere. It’s a great feature if you’re driveway camping or boondocking and there’s no dump station around.

So if you’re wanting to wade into van life with something on the smaller side, or maybe you’re downsizing from a larger RV, you don’t have to sacrifice a bathroom.

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