What is a Tag Axle?

Posted on June 3, 2016

Most of Thor Motor Coach's RVs have a single axle while the Tuscany is what is referred to as a tag axle. You may already know that a single axle has one set of wheels, which makes the RV easy to maneuver. But what is a tag axle is and are the advantages it offers?

A tag axle is a trailing axle or a third axle positioned behind the rear drive axle of a recreational vehicle. A non-drive axle, it can have one or two tires on each side.


Why should you consider a tag axle motorhome?

A capacity boost

A chief advantage of a tag axle motorhome is the extra carrying capacity over a single axle RV of comparable size and power. You're looking at an additional 10,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. A tag axle also offers the flexibility to construct bigger coaches, which translates into greater interior space for occupants.

Stability in cross winds

The tag axle also helps in reducing the rear overhang of the motorhome. In the face of strong winds, the coach can pivot laterally at the rear axle, requiring you to make appropriate steering corrections. A tag axle minimizes this effect and enhances the pleasure of driving the coach. If you're looking for a motorhome that's very stable in cross winds, it's best to opt for one with a tag axle.

Better weight distribution when maneuvering uneven terrain

By adding an extra set of shock absorbers and distributing the load across a larger cross-section of the chassis, a tag axle offers additional support to the rear chassis. Also, as the tag axle is located further away to the rear of the chassis than a single axle, there is a smaller likelihood of the rear chassis establishing contact with the ground when traveling over rugged terrain or going up steep inclines.

Lesser stress on U-joint

The universal joint (U-joint) is a section of the driveshaft that transfers power from the transmission to the differential, which is necessary for the vehicle to take off. Over time, the U-joint wears out at connecting points to the driveshaft, and you often hear an audible clanking or clunking sound. A tag axle helps lower the strain on the U-joint, which in turn reduces wear. This is because the addition of a tag axle increases the distance between the motor and drive axle. The shallower angle thus created allows for a more level connection between the drive shaft and drive axle, to avoid too much stress on the U-joint.

Improvements in braking and ride quality

Modern tag axle suspension systems are equipped with hydraulic brakes. The additional braking axle improves traction and stopping distance, enhancing the overall safety of your RV.

Another advantage of a tag axle is the better ride quality. The extra axle smooths out the smaller bumps and ripples, minimizing lurches when you turn into a curb cut.


Sounds good? Then you'll love the 2017 Tuscany

The Tuscany Class A diesel motorhome from Thor Motor Coach comes with the option of a single or tag axle. It is the only motorhome of its kind to feature push button start. The 2017 has been updated with USB charging stations in bedroom nightstands and a fresh, sleek interior. Get more information about the Tuscany here.


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