How Can I Stay Connected on the Road?

Posted on February 24, 2016 

One of the biggest problems people face when they are on the road is staying connected to the world. By staying connected, we mean keeping in touch with friends, family, reading the news, watching movies and shows, listening to songs and other similar activities.

Yes, we have cell phones and mobile internet now but what if you are out of coverage area? How will people who work on the internet cope? In this article, Thor Motor Coach will discuss different ways to remain connected to friends, family and work when you are traveling in a motor home.

Create a hotspot

A WiFi hotspot is by far the best option to connect to the internet when you are on the road. There are two options here. You can create a WiFi hotspot on your cell phone or you can use a designated device to create a hotspot. There are other options like satellite internet but that is very expensive. You are better off using a cellular hotspot or a hotspot device.

Using a cell phone booster

RV motorhomes often face situations where they are not in range of a strong signal. In some places, the signal weakens and you won't be able to log on to the internet or even place a call without facing call drops. It can happen when you are camping in a remote place. The way out is to invest in a cell phone signal booster. A cell phone booster captures weak cellphone signals and amplifies them into stronger signals.

Using a WiFi ranger

You may want to keep a WiFi ranger in the RV too for when you are on a campground or inside a business that offers free WiFi (like Starbucks or Lowes). Basically, a WiFi ranger boosts free WiFi signals. Moreover, you don't want to use your phone internet all the time and empty your account before it is replenished at the end of the month.

Don't scrimp on money when you are buying a cell phone signal booster or WiFi ranger because it will cost you later. Don't forget, the quality of the signal depends on the quality of the booster.

Should you consider satellite internet?

We don't recommend satellite internet for a number of reasons. You can't use it when you are moving or when you are parked under a tree. Moreover, it is slow and expensive. Satellite internet comes with small limits and if you exceed the limit, the service provider will down-throttle your connection.

Final thoughts on staying connected on the road

Note that free WiFi is complimentary and it is there for light tasks and not for heavy duty stuff. If you want to watch TV, get a Jack TV antenna. It lets you access some major networks for free. You can stream movies and watch TV series on your cell phone but don't forget to keep count of how much bandwidth you've used.

So the takeaway is, when you are on the road, your cell phone is your best bet to stay connected but use free WiFi when and as you can. If you planning to go on the road soon, don't forget to look up our range of RVs. We might just surprise you.


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