Homeschooling while RVing: Making it Work

Posted on May 18, 2017

When most people envision living in motorhomes and traveling the country, they figure that they'll wait until they've retired and their kids are out of the house. Parents who homeschool their children, however, are in the unique position of being able to travel in their RVs with their kids and educate them along the way.

One of the top concerns that homeschooling parents have is ensuring that their kids have enough "outside experiences." Without going to an actual school every day, it's easy for kids to miss out on some things. What's great about traveling by RV and homeschooling is that it affords plenty of opportunities to enrich your kids' education without a lot of extra effort.

Whether you already own a class A motorhome and are ready to hit the road or if you are in the market to buy a new class C motorhome, RUV, toy hauler or gas or diesel RV, there is a lot that you can do to make homeschooling work while traveling by motorhome. We've rounded up some tips to help you make the most of the experience so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Homeschool Meetups

Homeschooling is more popular than ever. As a result, homeschooling meetups happen in many parts of the country. These events allow homeschooling parents and their kids to connect with others and to pick up tips and advice. Many RV parks and the like are located in areas where these types of meetups occur fairly regularly. While planning out your route, then, search around for local homeschooling resources. You will probably be surprised to learn that many others travel in motorhomes while homeschooling their kids. This is a great way for your kids to make new friends and to interact with a variety of different people, which is always beneficial.

History Lessons

It's easy to bring history life when traveling by motorhome. Unlike "regular" teachers, who have to arrange complicated field trips to museums and the like, homeschooling parents who travel in RVs have the luxury of exposing their kids to all kinds of exciting historical sites. In fact, you might even consider planning your curriculum around your travels to some extent. For example, if you are learning about the American Revolution, plan your route close to places like Philadelphia, Boston and New York and visit museums and historical sites in those places. Upon returning to your diesel or gas RV for the night, your child will have a much clearer understanding of what they were taught because they were able to see it with their own eyes.

Social Studies Lessons

Another great benefit of homeschooling kids while traveling the country in a gas or diesel RV is that it lets you expose them to different cultures and ways of life. If your child grew up in the suburbs, for example, driving them through the heart of Appalachia or into a major city is sure to be an eye-opening experience. From the comfort of your Class A toy hauler, you can show your child how people live differently in different parts of the country - and the similarities that all people share too.

Math Lessons

There are all kinds of opportunities to incorporate math lessons into your travels as you roam the country in your Class A toy hauler or gas RV. When you need to fill up the tank, for example, have your child research how much fuel the tank of your Class C motorhome holds. After filling it up, have them subtract how much was put in versus how much the tank can hold to calculate how empty it was. Let your child help you plan routes so that they can become familiar with concepts like maps and calculating distances.

Make the World Your Classroom

Whether you own an RUV, a toy hauler or another type of motorhome, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to homeschooling kids while traveling the country. Load up your Class A motorhome with books, school supplies, study guides and other materials and hit the road. Along the way, find ways to enrich your kids' learning experiences with visits to local landmarks, historical sites and the like. Between seeing new things and meeting new people, your kids will receive an amazing education regardless of where the road takes you.


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