Five Destinations That Are More Fun By RV

Posted on May 3, 2017

Owning an RV is like owning your ticket to the world. With streamlined costs and unparalleled control, you can enjoy your motorhome at any destination. However, there are some locations that are simply better when experienced in a RUV. Check out this list for inspiration about your next trip in a gas or diesel RV.

  1. Crater Lake. This massive lake is located in Oregon. With a stunning depth of 1,900 feet, it is a popular spot with tourists. While the destination has plentiful opportunities for sightseeing and outdoor recreation, it is also perfect for a Class A or Class C motorhome. This is because Crater Lake National Park has excellent areas for RVs in the park. These areas are not only close to the action, but they are also stocked full of amenities to complete your stay.

  2. Key West. Everyone knows that Key West is an idyllic spot for an island getaway. What you may not know, however, is that it is perfect for a diesel or gas RV trip. Key West is part of a string of islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite its water-bound nature, Key West is accessible by bridge from mainland Florida. Better still, there is a campground for motorhomes located just off the downtown. This gives you instant access to the best of Key West. Enjoy water activities such as snorkeling or fishing, or take your time visiting the other sights of the island.

  3. Colonial Williamsburg. A toy hauler or other RV may be associated with camping, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy other ventures. Just consider Colonial Williamsburg, for example. This historical destination provides a close look at America's most iconic time period. There are at least three parks in the area that are ideal for a Class C or Class A motorhome. Explore American history by day, and enjoy all the perks of RUV travel at night.

  4. Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. From the museums to the shopping, Hershey is fun for the family. It can be a whole lot more fun if you go in your Class A toy hauler or other motorhome. There are full hookups available at the camping resort, and other perks include picnic tables, fire rings, swimming pools, volleyball courts and playgrounds. Plus, the park hosts evening activities for added fun. If you stay at the official park, you are even eligible for discounted tickets to the museum attractions.

  5. Glacier National Park. Located in Montana, Glacier is one of the most scenic areas in the country. You will best appreciate the scenic wonders if you travel by motorhome. There are many choices for hookup in the area, but the best one may be the Timber Wolf Resort. This resort has plenty of space for a gas or diesel RV, and it is completely outfitted for modern convenience. Enjoy Wi-Fi, grills, playgrounds and more against the most magnificent backdrop in the country.

These destinations are just the start of what you can discover when you travel in RVs. For your next purchase of a Class A or Class C motorhome, be sure to visit a Thor Motor Coach dealer. Thor Motor Coach is the top brand for motorhomes in North America. Visit your local dealer, and start a RV adventure today.


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